What is HabiPower?


Everyone uses electricity and every energy company makes a profit.   But imagine if that "profit" was used to build a home for a family in need. Imagine if you could pay less per month on your electric bill while supporting the great work Habitat for Humanity of the Rio Grande Valley. HabiPower is a retail energy broker whose sole mission is to support the work of Habitat for Humanity of the Rio Grande Valley.  They have partnered with G-Power to provide competitive prices and local customer service and support.

Thanks to HabiPower, your power bill will empower families to own a safe and affordable home.

"I am so happy with HabiPower.
The price was right. I am using
them for my Grand Prairie home.
They hooked me up quickly."

- Ruthie Ewers, HabiPower customer

Residential and commercial energy customers can support Habitat for Humanity of the Rio Grande Valley while saving money on their electric bill.