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Sarah J

Sarah moved from Wisconsin to Texas to escape an abusive relationship.  She wants a better life for her daughter Alexandra.  She currently lives with her mother, but the house has only 2 small bedrooms and 1 bathroom.   Sarah is determined to have a permanent place to raise her daughter. 

Can you make the difference in the life of this young single mother and her daughter?

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Vanessa V

After sharing a home with 3 different families living under the same roof, this mother of three tired of living in this overcrowded condition.   She would like a place to call home where she can enjoy quality family time and a quiet, restful sleep with her children.  Living in a border town can present unique challenges for raising children, but Vanessa is determined to have a permanent place to call home. 

Can you lift up this family and provide a helping hand?

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Aging in Place

Give the gift of staying home.  With the ability to reduce physical barriers, many seniors must relocate to care facilities in their later stages of life.  Many aging Hispanic seniors living in this border community are hesitant to ask for help.  By providing ramps, rails, doorway extensions, repairing roofs and making bathroom modifications, we help with this aging community maintain the dignity of home ownership.

Will you share the love of God with your support? 

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